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This is a satta matka Guessing Forum which helps users interact and dicuss suggestions related to multiple markets. Users can discuss fix realted to kalyan fix, mumbai fix, milan fix and rajdhani fix.

Satta Matka is a reliable forum which is used to connect with the users and gambling anytime. In fact, the form usually takes place in guessing and helps you to become online Matka Kings. It delivers outstanding results so as to bring forth guessing at the right time. Of course, it is well known for medium class gamblers circle and play without any risks. Currently, it is very prominent with the gamers and presently with the web gaming platform. You can also get propelled tips to make online gambling and earn credits. With the right tips, it is supportive for everyone and gain points of interest for the players. Therefore, it is suitable for gambling to become King in the online forum.

Satta Matka Forum helps you to connect with the users and win the game. Satta Matka Forum is a matka guessing forum which helps you to become Online Matka Kings.







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How to add money

mpmahesh007 Oct 19,2019 08:09AM

Kalyan op. 1 7 jodi. 14 18 74 76 jam ke khelo

Vinayak#123 Oct 18,2019 01:10PM


Tenzinpassang169 Oct 14,2019 11:38AM

Kise number lagana hai.????

Tenzinpassang169 Oct 14,2019 09:39AM

how to deposit this app

ukg Oct 13,2019 06:51PM

Point kese add karna hai admin

Nikhil1234 Oct 13,2019 01:59PM

Sir ye khatri wale game hai kya.

Rammohan Oct 13,2019 09:29AM

Rammohan Oct 13,2019 09:29AM

hi gys

msr321 Oct 13,2019 03:06AM

Opn 5 7 0 rs 50 jod 59 02 16 rs 50

Kallappa poojari Oct 12,2019 01:33PM

How to deposit this app

Lakshmikanth J Oct 10,2019 08:39PM

How to withdrawal money

Dhanudhar mahalik Oct 10,2019 09:11AM


S.. k Oct 10,2019 09:07AM

Account number send karo

Sanjay chandu jadhav Oct 09,2019 07:46AM

Yah satta site bahut badhiya site hai ek kaam aur kijiye admin sar site par satta result sahi time par upload krne ki krepa kiya kre

Gharsansar Oct 08,2019 07:07PM

Mera balance kese dalu

Shambhu Lal gujar Oct 08,2019 03:23PM

1,0 open kalyan

Vishva hasure Oct 08,2019 11:04AM

Kalyannight 44

Vinodh Oct 07,2019 09:07PM

Kalyan night 2

Vinodh Oct 07,2019 09:06PM


Vinodh Oct 07,2019 09:05PM

Sunday close hota hai na

Omi4977 Oct 05,2019 04:59PM

OTC kya he sir

Anuj verma Oct 05,2019 04:27PM

Application is not working

Omi4977 Oct 05,2019 04:06PM

Kalyan.cos. 8 3

Rafip Oct 04,2019 05:03PM


Rafip Oct 04,2019 05:00PM

Deposit kese karr

Gaurav tomer Oct 04,2019 03:27PM

Pese kese lagye

Gaurav tomer Oct 04,2019 03:26PM


kumarmg Oct 03,2019 02:06PM

Deposit and withdraw kaise kar sakte hi plz help me

Prakash saxena Oct 03,2019 12:33AM

Money are kaisa kare

Gaju07 Oct 02,2019 08:21PM


Shaikhanis Oct 02,2019 04:59PM

Sir is farmers me kaise deposit and kaise withdraw kiya jata h help me mai aapka new member hu

Montu 11 Oct 02,2019 08:08AM

Rajdhani night op. Aaj miss kiya to pachatana padega.. 9.. 0.......jodi. 99...00...11...

Vinayak#123 Oct 01,2019 08:43PM

Time bazar close 9 3

Mohd akber Oct 01,2019 01:36PM

Rajdhani night Single open ******88888****** Single hit game mis nahi hoga Agar miss kiya to ******22******** Suport- **4** **6**

Vishu1302 Sep 30,2019 09:25PM

How to add a deposit i have no idea please help me ??

Zoel dev Sep 30,2019 01:08PM

Kalyan singal open 1

Zoel dev Sep 30,2019 01:06PM

Best site of the world.enjoy and play no any doubt.

Gurubhai123 Sep 30,2019 12:32PM

10 Sep 30,2019 02:05AM

Hello admin sir

Umesh.k Sep 29,2019 08:08PM

Hi Sep 29,2019 04:21AM

Else khele sir

Kumar Manoj Sep 28,2019 03:49PM


Fayaz21 Sep 28,2019 03:13PM

Hi sir

Umesh.k Sep 28,2019 10:33AM

Add me sir Sep 28,2019 02:49AM

Rajdhani single open 4

Gharsansar Sep 27,2019 07:33PM

This site is No.1 satta site And fast payment Thanks admin sar

Gharsansar Sep 26,2019 09:07PM

Good for all matka matka site

Gurubhai123 Sep 26,2019 07:02AM

Very good service and fast news

Gurubhai123 Sep 26,2019 07:01AM

Main rupye kaise daalu

Tinku kumar Sep 25,2019 11:41PM


ashuji Sep 25,2019 07:58PM

Bhaiyo ye hi sabse achhi aur super fast full rates and quick service wali site h.... .

Gurubhai123 Sep 25,2019 06:24PM

Great game site and great payment service .... thanks admin

Gurubhai123 Sep 25,2019 06:19PM

Bhaiyo es site me Jada se Jada friends ko jodo Esme Apne dosto Ka fayda hi fayda h

Gurubhai123 Sep 25,2019 06:18PM

Es sites me Hume same day 30000/- Ka payment Kiya thanks admin

Gurubhai123 Sep 25,2019 06:17PM

Ye sites sabse best site me no.1 per h bhaiyo

Gurubhai123 Sep 25,2019 06:15PM

Kalyan Sep 24,2019 01:29PM

Rajdhani night mai kya hai

Deepak kushwah 9039 Sep 23,2019 07:49PM

Super ratan result kab lageha

Nil555 Sep 23,2019 06:29PM

Why super ratan result hs change

Nil555 Sep 23,2019 02:10PM

Not abel to call on given nk

Nil555 Sep 23,2019 10:54AM

How to withdraw money

Nil555 Sep 23,2019 10:53AM

Sir pase kase add karve saga

Nagraj Sep 23,2019 10:45AM

Sir help kase ghela gema

Nagraj Sep 23,2019 10:43AM

Iam intrested to satamatka game

Savta jadhav Sep 23,2019 01:23AM

Hi friend

Afsar Sep 22,2019 06:55AM


Balu Sep 19,2019 07:50AM

Ajj Kalyan ka kal open6

Afsar Sep 19,2019 05:08AM

Tara mumabi night close ...... 5. .....5......

Gharsansar Sep 18,2019 10:44PM

Help me

Rafi33 Sep 18,2019 08:13PM

Help me

Rafi33 Sep 18,2019 08:12PM


alwinfernandes Sep 18,2019 02:04PM

kese khele

jayesh99 Sep 17,2019 09:52PM

$ ADD kaise kare

Pkr Sep 17,2019 04:58PM

Kalyan open 7/4

Gharsansar Sep 16,2019 04:03PM

Kalyan me aaj 4590 khel lo OTC 100% pass

Gurubhai123 Sep 16,2019 10:30AM

Me total matka players se request karta hu ki please please es site ko Etna popular kare ki wold ki no.1 site ban Jaye......... Thanks

Gurubhai123 Sep 16,2019 10:29AM

Me total matka players se request karta hu ki please please es site ko Etna popular kare ki wold ki no.1 site ban Jaye......... Thanks

Gurubhai123 Sep 16,2019 10:27AM

Bhaiya es site ki jesi koi dusri site Nahi h es site ke admin ki service best to best h

Gurubhai123 Sep 16,2019 10:24AM

It's a very good site .and very fast service

Gurubhai123 Sep 16,2019 10:23AM

Kalyan otc 7014

Mohan123 Sep 15,2019 05:38PM


.ahesh Ku.. Sep 14,2019 10:01PM

Dosto ye matka site sabse fast service aur full payment wali site h

Gurubhai123 Sep 14,2019 09:48PM

Ye matka site behad achhi aur sachhi h. Hume is site se behad Khush h

Gurubhai123 Sep 14,2019 09:43PM

This is the best matka site .I loved this site

Gurubhai123 Sep 14,2019 09:41PM


S khajabasha Sep 14,2019 02:59PM

Tara mumbai night close 6

Gharsansar Sep 13,2019 08:46PM

Kalyan open 7

Gharsansar Sep 13,2019 02:45PM

This is a best site of online play game.and 100% trusted services for withdrawal fast

Gurubhai123 Sep 13,2019 07:39AM

This is a best site of online play game.and 100% trusted services for withdrawal fast

Gurubhai123 Sep 13,2019 07:37AM

How to play cl not r out gonig

Mahesh N Sep 12,2019 07:18PM


Shivakumar Sep 12,2019 06:16PM

Kalyan night fix close 4 hi aayega

Gharsansar Sep 11,2019 11:18PM

$ kaise ad kare.....

Kiran Suryagan Sep 11,2019 10:18PM

How to play

Nofear Sep 11,2019 04:29PM

Kesa khalna h

Bhim Sep 11,2019 03:24PM


moushin Sep 10,2019 10:21PM

Hai sir

Namakantibavaiah Sep 09,2019 07:18PM

Kalyan night 23 28

Namakantibavaiah Sep 09,2019 07:18PM


Amit Z Sep 09,2019 01:28AM

satta matka whatsapp